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About WG3


Winston Gordon III works diligently at Columbia University as an Administrative & Undergraduate Coordinator for the Sociology department in Academic Affairs & Finance. He is an extremely driven, optimistic and ambitious spirit. His talents and passions conveniently align to achieving success in both of his goals; studying financial based policy while teaching wealth building strategies.


Winston owns and operates Treybrickstone — a NYC MBE certified Continuity Management Firm. Through his partnerships, he has developed the role of Finance Advisor with Community Capital Funding Group, a company that provides national funding for residential and commercial properties. Additionally, he fulfills his role as Strategist at All Access Golf, a company that seeks to increase accessibility and visibility to the sport of golf for minorities within the community.


Winston makes a conscious effort to stay active in organizations that help uplift the community. He’s focused on building a positive & flourishing community. He implements these strategies in everyday operational activities in his work at the university, his firm and affiliated organizations.


Winston holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an Executive certificate from Columbia University. He is pursuing his MPA and once settled he can obtain his doctorate degree.

Winston Gordon III - Vision

He will provide access to wealth through specific billion dollar line item budgets at scale.

Various Partners

Strategic partnership alignments with Private Fortune 500 companies, Non-profit organizations, Government and Public Entities. 

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